Before Procedure


  • The pain clinic has given you instructions and for your check in time at Providence Surgery Center. Please complete the packet of information and bring it with you at the time of your scheduled appointment.

  • Please arrive one half hour before your procedure time unless instructed otherwise.

  • You will need to arrange for a responsible adult to drive you home and it is recommended that someone stay with you for 24 hours.

  • IMPORTANT: Do not EAT anything EIGHT HOURS before your procedure. This includes all foods, chewing tobacco, gum and hard candy. You may DRINK clear liquids (i.e. liquids you can see through) up to FOUR HOURS prior to your procedure.   It is possible that your procedure would have to be cancelled if these instructions are not followed.

  • Wear casual, loose clothing. Many people find jogging clothes and slip-on shoes are most comfortable.

  • Contact your insurance company for preauthorization, eligibility and determine insurance status.

  • Discuss with your physician your advanced directive if you have one.

  • Please call your physician immediately if you become ill or are otherwise unable to keep your appointment.

        Day of Procedure:


  • Take all regular medications, unless instructed to hold them for the procedure. You may take morning medications with a small sip of water (only enough water to swallow your pills with).

  • If you are taking Lovenox temporarily instead of Coumadin, skip the dose for the day of the procedure.

  • Leave valuables and all jewelry at home. Please do not wear makeup, perfume, cologne or fingernail polish

  • Bring insurance cards and a photo ID.

  • Bring Advanced Directives or Living Will with you.

  • An IV may be placed so medications can be given before, during, and after procedure.

        After Procedure:


  • You will be taken to the recovery room after your procedure and offered something to eat and drink. Family and friends will be allowed to visit after your procedure. Recovery time will vary with individuals. Due to space limitations, we ask that you bring no more than two family members/friends with you on your day of procedure.

  • The nurse will review specific instructions given by your physician with you and the responsible adult who is to accompany you home. You will then be escorted to the car.


At Home:


  • Any sedation and pain medication can make you groggy and cause impaired judgment.  Therefore, do not drive, operate hazardous machinery, make any important decisions, or sign legal papers for at least 24 hours.

  • Do not drink alcohol for 24 hours.

  • Resume normal medication as directed.

  • Eat light foods for the first few hours after your procedure, then increase your diet as tolerated.

  • Drink as much fluid as you can tolerate, up to 8 glasses/day unless instructed otherwise.

  • Call your physician with any concerns. The number to call is listed on your discharge instructions.